Love.. Luv... Lope... *)

Love the heart that hurts you,
but never hurt the heart that loves you.

As you continue to send out love,
the energy returns to you in a
regenerating spiral... As love accumulates,
it keeps your system in balance
and harmony. Love is the tool,
and more love is the end product.

Harmonizing heart and brain through love
is what can establish a complete intelligence,
a complete self, where a child can look at life and
realize there are no dead ends,
there are always possibilities.
The greatest gift a parent can
give a child during all the ups
and downs of life
is love.

Love is the best medicine,
and there is more than enough to go around
once you open your heart.

You'll discover that real love is millions of
miles past falling in
love with anyone or anything.
When you make that one effort to feel
compassion instead of blame or self-blame,
the heart opens again and
continues opening.

Our true identity is
to love without fear and insecurity.
Our higher potential finds us
when we set our course in that direction.
The power of love and compassion transforms insecurity.

to my beloved luv.. (my father,my brother,my soulmate)
hoPping one day i'll met u again
in different case more than before we met.
i know, now i lost u..
i'm hurt...hurt.. hurt... more than u know

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